Banner Picture:  Students of  rural school at the annual sports event in November 2017


Sponsoring a child's education

You can sponsor the education of a child studying at our rural school. Your funds will go towards meeting their educational expenses, stationary & teacher salaries.

Sponsoring livelihood training for women

You can meet the expenses of training a woman member of the community in the villages around Rajghat in the art of tailoring, embroidery or weaving. 

Funding the development plans

We are in the process of revamping our rural medical unit, Sanjivan Hospital, to make it fit for purpose to deliver preventive healthcare and primary curative services. We are also re-building our women empowerment unit to house all such activities under one roof as well as bring in new livelihood and social empowerment activities to the community. You can fund these plans.

Contributing to general funds

There are range of charitable activities and allied services that may not fit the above specific streams. By contributing to the general funds pool, you can enable us to run the programs effectively.