Sir, without understanding yourself as the educator, how can you bring about a new kind of education?

J Krishnamurti

Banner Picture: Music class at RBS


Rajghat Besant School is a co-educational, residential school run by the Krishnamurti Foundation India. It is affiliated to the CBSE Board and has about 350 students in classes K – XII. The school has a unique approach to education based on the philosophy of its founder J Krishnamurti. Teachers and students are co-learners, learning about themselves and the world around them. Education is not just about learning specific disciplines or subjects, or acquisition of skills in the pursuit of a career but an enquiry into the whole movement of life itself.

The sprawling, wooded campus on the banks of the Ganga provides an ideal setting for any serious educator. Campus life is modest and comfortable, without the frenetic pace and needless distractions of city life. Teachers live on campus, and share responsibilities in a variety of areas from managing the dining hall to taking the children out on educational tours, house-parenting (looking after a few children in a hostel) to conducting hobby classes. There is immense scope for young, energetic educators to learn and grow. So, if you are as passionate about learning as about teaching, come join us!

Prior teaching experience would be an advantage. Please highlight the subjects you can teach, and any specific skills/competencies in other areas like co-curricular activities, crafts etc. in your CV. At  present, we are looking for Teachers for the following subjects: Geography, History, Physical Training and Chemistry.

Please write to us if you have interest in such a role indicating the area of interest, tentative timing along with your CV.