Is it not important for parents to be aware equally of their children's talents as well as limitations, and allow them to develop in their own way, and not on the basis of predetermined expectations?

J Krishnamurti

School Program And Curriculum

The school is residential and co-educational, with English as the medium of instruction. It is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. The school has approximately 350 students in Classes IV-XII. A teacher-student ratio of 1:7 and class strengths of less than 25 across the school promote greater classroom interaction.



Learning in the Junior School (Classes IV-VII) is mainly through activities, especially arts and crafts that nurture creative development. Activities like story telling, plays, town watching and assembly presentations inculcate skill sets in children that are crucial for academic excellence. CBSE has recently mandated an examinations based assessment approach for Class VI-VIII. The school is in the process of integrating the requirements into the curriculum with an objective to combine opportunities for creative expression with academic rigor. 

At the level of Senior School (Class IX-XII), children are accorded higher levels of responsibility with the curriculum reflecting the onset of qualifying exams. Reflecting the higher academic demands, senior students spend an hour and a half in prep classes supervised by a teacher. The choices available for pursuing senior secondary are discussed from the beginning of class X.  Students seeking admission to Class XI can choose from Science, Commerce or Humanities groups, and a wide variety of subject options including Psychology, Informatics Practices, Economics, Physical Education and Fine Arts.

Non Academic Requirements

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Students are expected to participate in several activities that seek to make them capable and autonomous individuals. Two periods per week are set aside as Work Experience classes for acquiring proficiency in useful skills that are commonly required, ranging from carpentry and plumbing to repairing electrical gadgets and gardening.