Banner Picture: RBS children interviewing farmers in the adjoining rural areas, March 2016

Get involved in our community engagement projects by volunteering, fund raising or donating.

Volunteer Your Time

We serve the community in the areas of education, health and empowerment. You can contribute by being part of specific projects that we carry out from time to time or alternately, you may propose tenor based projects that make meaningful contribution to the community. This may be a health awareness campaign or imparting locally relevant artisan skill set.  We have limited accommodation including food at our rural centre for a very nominal fee. You may also find accommodation in the city of Varanasi at a distance of 3KM to 5KM.

If you are passionate about it, talk to us at


Our community engagement educates economically deprived but otherwise deserving child, delivers healthcare to needy community, raises health awareness to address preventable diseases and socially & economically empowers women.  If you are passionate of any of these subjects, you can make a difference by donating.  You may donate for one or more of the below.

Sponsor a child

You may adopt annual fees for a child at our rural school for a donation of Rs. 10,000/- that would cover the fees, mid day meals, uniforms and books.  You can avail a thank you letter from the child. Think of providing a gift to your loved one by sponsoring a child.

Sponsor a project

You may talk to us on a specific project that we will publish online or alternately that you have in mind. For example, this could be a musical instruments to the rural school, sponsoring mid day meals for a specific period or providing markets for the rural products made at our Women Empowerment unit.

Fund raising

You can raise funds among your friends and relatives for specific initiatives.  Talk to us to come back with well rounded ideas that can be funded through a campaign.

Donations are exempt under 80G (50% tax benefit) or 35AC (100% tax benefit) for donors subject to Income Tax regulations in India. If you wish to donate or discuss ideas in this regard, talk to us at