Banner Picture: RBS 1970 batch

Annual Alumni event

The RBS annual alumni event will be held at Rajghat on December 24, 2017. It is an occasion for alumni to reminiscence those moments spent at the school. Alumni get an opportunity to meet some of their friends while also meet up with the current school management and teachers body. Please write to us at the email address below to attend the meeting with your full contact details. The full event schedule will be posted on this site closer to the date of the event. Click here for details.

                                                     RBS Sports day 1985-86

                                                     RBS Sports day 1985-86

Visiting RBS

Our alumni have a longing to visit their school during other times of the year owing to their travel convenience and other considerations.  We are pleased to welcome you to the campus on the second Friday of every month (except summer holidays) throughout the year. If you happen to be in Varanasi and would like to come on other days, do write to us ahead in time to plan accordingly.  Only alumni and their family members, if any, will be entertained. You are requested to write to us by email at least 1 week1 prior to visit to plan the logistics. When you write, let us know your food needs to make suitable arrangements. 

As past students of the school, you will understand that the running of the school must not be disrupted during the visit and we will accordingly plan the tour. Further, excessive usage of cameras, fizzy drinks, plastic items, music and other such items are not encouraged. This restrictions will help you maintain the serenity of the place that you wish to enjoy.

At this moment, we are unable to arrange group visits for multiple alumni except for very small groups. However, if you have some ideas around organizing it during the school holidays please write to us to consider and revert.

Please find attached the visit plan with trace map by clinking the link here.

Please find attached the rural brochure which can help you plan you visit. Click here for same.

                                                                    RBS batch 1992

                                                                    RBS batch 1992

staying connected

We are aware of your busy schedule and that you may not be able to visit the school. Yet, there are ways to stay connected. 

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive database of alumni of RBS across the world. Please write to us about yourself-your name, father's name, date of birth, RBS graduation batch, email, mobile, address and your current ocupation. If you have a larger updated list of your or other batches, please clean the data and provide in bulk to us. We intend to stay in touch with this group by sending meeting invites, updating on relevant developments in the campus and connecting alumni together.

We are aware that RBS alumni have successfully connected among themselves in online and offline worlds. We understand that regular meetings are conducted by alumni in various parts of the country and even outside. We are keen to hear about the meetings. Hence please write to us about these plans. As for as online media goes, RBS has set up an official Facebook page. Please connect with us and encourage other RBS alumni friends to join. We kindly request you to continue to maintain a friendly demeanor online so that it remains a page that we can all be proud of. Please click here for the  Rajghat Besant School Alumni Facebook page. 

Fund raising

You can raise funds among your friends and relatives for specific initiatives.  Talk to us to come back with well rounded ideas that can be funded through a campaign. Donations are exempt under 80G (50% tax benefit) or 35AC (100% tax benefit) for donors subject to Income Tax regulations in India. 


For all alumni matters, please write to the following address with subject as "Alumni" followed by specific matter: