Banner Picture: Vasanta College Main Gate


Vasanta College for Women, established by Dr. Annie Besant in the year 1913 in the campus of Theosophical Society is a pioneer institution with an aim of providing higher education for girls. The college was shifted to Rajghat campus in the year 1954 to the campus of Krishnamurti Foundation India. While attaining major goals the institution pursues the ideals of J. Krishnamurti for larger meaning of life. J Krishnamurti rightly said – “Right education is to help you to find out for yourself what you really, with all your heart, love to do. It does not matter what it is, whether it is to cook or to be a gardener, but it is something in which you have put your mind, your heart.”


“Educational advance among women is the only means to social reform… the treasures of philosophy, literature, science, art must be thrown open to her as to men. … Women’s wisdom as well as men’s is needed to dig deeply and build strongly the foundations of the New India.”

These words of the founder Dr. Annie Besant reflect the commitment of this Institution towards women education as the cornerstone for making a strong and vibrant India.


The college runs under the aegis of Krishnamurti Foundation India, a world renowned Foundation devoted to the cause of education. It tries its best to impart education based on J. Krishnamurti’s teachings – individuals to excel not only in academic but also in co-curricular activities. This college has a mission to make the women self-independent having an objective mind to understand our own culture but with a modern view imbibing human values.

The college strives to work in an atmosphere where there is no fear, no authority, only love, affection and good relationship, which is the core of Krishnamurti’s philosophy.

The college aims to prepare ‘Individuals’ as responsible ‘Citizens’ of the ‘World’ and to impart real ‘education’ as envisioned by Shri J. Krishnamurti, to think objectively, creatively and without fear.

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